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Grunge Stain 3
final beneath the skin 3d.png


To save her life, she must risk her heart ... 
For 18-year-old Sidney Shaw, life pretty much sucks. Her mom’s a drunk. Her dad is worse. At school, she's bullied by her ex-best friend. And cutting no longer brings the relief she craves. 

When Sidney is forced into group counseling, she meets perfect, popular Arianna, the type of girl who grieves over a broken nail. But Arianna has secrets of her own. She might prove herself a friend—if Sidney can let her guard down. Then there’s Lucas, the sweet and funny new guy who sees straight through her tough, snarky façade. 

But Sidney’s wounds go deeper than anyone knows. When her secrets threaten to unravel her, Sidney must choose. How far is she willing to go to protect her family? And who can she turn to when the unthinkable happens? 


final before you break 3d.png


Two sisters. A haunting tragedy. And a past that won't let them go...
Eight years after tragedy shattered their family, the McKenna sisters are still broken.
Responsible Lena flees to college on a photography scholarship, hiding her past--and her heart--behind her camera lens. Reckless Lux escapes into a world of pills, parties, and dangerous boys--anything to forget the darkness trapped inside her own head.

But when their father suffers a massive heart attack, Lena returns to a house haunted by resentment, secrets, and lies. Her father is wracked by guilt. And her sister is hiding something awful. What really happened that terrible day?
After a charming former crush reenters her life, Lena glimpses a future that just might include a love she never expected--or believed she deserved.  

final labyrinth of shadows 3d.png




A hero sworn to slay the monster. A princess determined to save it. But only one can live...
They call me the cursed princess. Daughter of a tyrant king. Sister to the monster. For seven years, I've watched helplessly as my father sacrifices human tributes to the monster trapped within the dark maze.

When the queen begs me for help, I seize the chance to prove myself--to finally break the curse, rescue my brother, and transform him into his human form. But is there any humanity in him left to save? Or will he try to kill me, too?

Either way, I have to try. I must enter the Labyrinth myself, where darkness reigns and terror lurks...

To survive, I'll need the help of the tributes, especially brave, heroic Theseus. Determined to free his people from the terrible blood tithe, Theseus vows to slay the monster, no matter what.

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